Products That Apply Lead-Free and Zamak Alloys

Alloy is one of the most crucial components for creating jewelry, medical equipment, arts and crafts, and many more. Meta Concept is ready with high-quality lead-free alloys. The information below explains the things you can create by using the alloys.

Medical Equipment

Meta Concept is using high-purity metals with low melting point temperature to get high-quality alloys. The melting point temperature is from 38 to 200 degrees Celsius. The process makes the product perfect for dilation or contraction when cooling. Due to the specifications, durability, and quality, this alloy is impressive for creating safe medical shields in the radiotherapy area. Optic companies can also use this material to create high-quality lenses. This company brought its alloy medical accessories to the Arab Health Fair in Dubai. It is the second-largest Health exhibition in the world. The medical accessories from alloys with a low melting point temperature impress visitors. The process produces products that meet the safety and demand standards and specifications. Those alloy products are suitable for cancer clinics, radiotherapy departments, and optical industries.


Companies can also create unique and high-quality jewelry by using lead-free alloy by Meta Concept. The alloys are available in bars, sheets, ingots, and wire forms and suitable for a variety of jewelry. This company is even ready to supply powder and pellet alloys. Jewelry companies can also make a specific request for the alloys they want to use. Meta Concept produces alloys that have an impressive surface appearance. It makes jewelry and craft look attractive. This product is also compatible with the different production environments and temperature settings.

Miniature Finished Products

Miniature products look shiny and stunning because of the use of alloy. The use of non-ferrous metals makes the miniature products look smooth. Manufacturers often use the lead-free alloy by Meta Concept to create stunning mini statues, keychains, airplane miniatures, bag connectors, and many more. Alloys with PB content less than 50 ppm keeps this product suitable for any art and crafts. You are about to see luxury miniature products due to the use of the alloys.


Meta Concept also produces Zamak alloys. It is an alloy consisting of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. The automotive industry often uses this alloy to improve the quality of its products. The good thing is that this product is easy to apply and affordable. As a result, companies can produce high-quality products without spending a lot of money. Some products such as mechanical constructions, toys, furniture, leather goods, and buckles for shoes and belts are also using Zamak alloys.   

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