What does a Standard Directory Listing give me?
Your Company/Event Name. Your name will be listed in alphabetical order within the Directory.

Website and Social Media Links. Links directly to your website and any social media services you use such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

80 Word Profile. A description of your company or event. This is plain text.

What does a Featured Directory Listing give me?
Featured Directory Listings enjoy the following additional benefits for a period of 12 months:

140 Word Profile. More space to describe your company/event. This is plain text.

Company/Event Logo. Your logo shown next to your profile. The logo will provide a link to your main website address.

Logo at the top of the Directory Page. Your logo will be featured right at the top of the Directory page offering the greatest exposure to your company. This logo will link to your full Directory Listing.

Products/Services Links (Supplier & Services Listings) or Topic/Track-Session Links (Event Listings). An additional row of links below the website and social media links. You can include up to six titles and links for these.

These links make it easier for users of the directory to see exactly what you are offering, so pick links that reflect what the user may be looking for. For example, use a common term like Service Assurance for the link text, rather than a brand name like ServicextremePlus. For events, you might want to have a link saying Securing Cloud Services, with a link to the speaker.

Link text should be 2-3 words, less than 25 characters each.

Link URLs must be directly to one of your web pages that provides more detail about product, service or event. We will not acceptable multiple links to the same URL.

How can I add my local business to the Business Directory?
You can Submit a New Business Listing using the online form, or fill out a paper form (available at the Town Offices).

How can I enhance my listing, to get more visibility?
You can keep your listing fresh, and get more visibility, with a page to showcase a specific product, service or special, for a limited period of time.

The Listing and Card pages require a logo, photo or other image. What if I don’t have a scanner, or can’t upload a picture?
You can drop off a hard copy photo, logo or other image at the Town Offices, and we’ll scan it and add it to the page in the Directory. Let us know if you want the original to be returned to you.

Why is a logo, photo, or image required?
Each page includes a logo or a photo/image, to add visual impact and logo recognition, and so that the listing pages are consistent with one another (which helps make it readable).