Products That Apply Lead-Free and Zamak Alloys

Alloy is one of the most crucial components for creating jewelry, medical equipment, arts and crafts, and many more. Meta Concept is ready with high-quality lead-free alloys. The information below explains the things you can create by using the alloys.

Medical Equipment

Meta Concept is using high-purity metals with low melting point temperature to get high-quality alloys. The melting point temperature is from 38 to 200 degrees Celsius. The process makes the product perfect for dilation or contraction when cooling. Due to the specifications, durability, and quality, this alloy is impressive for creating safe medical shields in the radiotherapy area. Optic companies can also use this material to create high-quality lenses. This company brought its alloy medical accessories to the Arab Health Fair in Dubai. It is the second-largest Health exhibition in the world. The medical accessories from alloys with a low melting point temperature impress visitors. The process produces products that meet the safety and demand standards and specifications. Those alloy products are suitable for cancer clinics, radiotherapy departments, and optical industries.


Companies can also create unique and high-quality jewelry by using lead-free alloy by Meta Concept. The alloys are available in bars, sheets, ingots, and wire forms and suitable for a variety of jewelry. This company is even ready to supply powder and pellet alloys. Jewelry companies can also make a specific request for the alloys they want to use. Meta Concept produces alloys that have an impressive surface appearance. It makes jewelry and craft look attractive. This product is also compatible with the different production environments and temperature settings.

Miniature Finished Products

Miniature products look shiny and stunning because of the use of alloy. The use of non-ferrous metals makes the miniature products look smooth. Manufacturers often use the lead-free alloy by Meta Concept to create stunning mini statues, keychains, airplane miniatures, bag connectors, and many more. Alloys with PB content less than 50 ppm keeps this product suitable for any art and crafts. You are about to see luxury miniature products due to the use of the alloys.


Meta Concept also produces Zamak alloys. It is an alloy consisting of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. The automotive industry often uses this alloy to improve the quality of its products. The good thing is that this product is easy to apply and affordable. As a result, companies can produce high-quality products without spending a lot of money. Some products such as mechanical constructions, toys, furniture, leather goods, and buckles for shoes and belts are also using Zamak alloys.   

Claims Management Solutions for Insurance

Using the right claims management systems will allow you to save dramatically on claims submissions. For instance, manual claims would cost around 74 cents. Meanwhile, electronic claims only cost you 26 cents. That small thing gives a tremendous impact on saving.

Digitizing the relationship of the provider and payer, on the other hand, would bring a lot more benefits for both the provider and the payer. The benefits include better customer experience and faster intervention. It also promotes better management when it comes to fraudulent claims while increasing the insurer’s purchasing power.

Thus, Cegedim released a claim solution named Actisure Claims. This solution is designed to reduce costs and boost productivity all the same time. It can be touted that Actisure Claim is one of the most sophisticated engines for insurance claims available in the industry. Everything can be done automatically.

Cost reduction is promoted in various ways. Since intervention and fraud management come earlier, the tariff management is reduced dramatically. Relationships between providers and payers also become sustainable – all stakeholders in the value chain can use the service.

As has been mentioned earlier, the claims solution improves fraud management. Several adjudication processes are ruled automatically. Thus, the claims assessors could concentrate more on reviewing the claims. While the claims are being taken care of automatically, stakeholders can allocate their efforts to other claims with a higher value.

The Actisure Claims also offers a lot of benefits on one single-screen view. The process also utilizes a real-time calculation so you know every detail. Other than that, the app handles various sources. Supporting your business is not an issue anymore.

Insurers now can define various standards within an instance. Transformation and mapping services can be linked easily while the claims can be done without dealing with the hassle. For further information, check out the claims management systems.

The Reasons to Create High-Quality Furniture with Finger Jointed Panels

Creating high-quality furniture has to be supported by the best materials and tools. One of the most important materials is the finger jointed panels. This material is suitable for creating furniture, decoration, interior, table tops, worktops, or all types of woodworks. This is the reason why you have to use finger-jointed panels to finish your woodwork. 

You Can Get a Variety of Products 

You can find several types of panels in the market. For example, you can use a finger-jointed panel made of walnut, unsteamed beech, and steamed beech. Those panels are suitable for interior design and if you want to work with a D3 glue. The material will stick to other materials so you can create durable furniture. In some cases, those panels are also durable enough for the exterior. 

It Has a Variety of Sizes 

You have to prepare materials in any size while creating furniture, especially if you are working with a custom order. This panel has two different dimensions. You can use the standard one in which the size is 4 meters. If you need to use the larger one, just take the 6 meters finger jointed panel. 

You Don’t Have to Process It Anymore 

The best part of using a finger jointed panel is that you don’t have to process the material anymore. You can directly apply the panel to finish your furniture projects. For example, you just need to glue the panel with other materials without reprocessing the panel first.   

Produce High-Quality Furniture 

Indeed, the main function of using high-quality finger jointed panels is to produce high-quality furniture. It means that the furniture is durable, stylish, and safe enough to use. At the same time, you are only spending less money to finish the project because the cost of the panel is affordable.If you need a high-quality finger jointed panel let help you. This company has a variety of finger jointed panels based on your needs.

The Place to Find Compatible Ball Bearings for All Types of Industries

Ball bearings are needed for a variety of sectors such as agriculture, electronic motors, iron and steel, and many more. Each of the sectors must use the right ball-bearings to run the machines or devices maximally and safely. NTN-SNR is the place where you can find compatible ball bearing for all types of industries. 


Types of Ball Bearings 

The company is focusing on creating high-quality ball-bearings. It has almost all types of products needed by companies or factories. For example, factories can order deep-groove, double-row radial contact bearings, single-row angular contact bearings, double-row angular contact bearings, self-aligning, and thrust ball bearings. Those products are made in ranging diameters from 1.5mm to 1.320mm. The products are also covering several versions such as open version, waterproof, cylindrical or conical bore and seals, extended inner ring, and many more. Because this company produces compatible ball-bearings for all types of industries, it becomes one of the broadest and most comprehensive on the market.

The Way NTN-SNR Produces High-Quality Ball-Bearings 

NTN-SNR uses several methods to produce high-quality products. Let’s say, the ball-bearings are ready to use in the iron and steel industry, wood processing, electronic motors, and packaging machines because the products are made with a particular method so it can be used in less than 60 degrees Celsius or even more than 350 degrees Celsius. The ball-bearings are also made along with Megaohm Technology. The products are useful for electronic motors, especially to breakdown voltages up to 3000V. The company also creates hybrid and environmentally friendly ball-bearings to prevent problems such as leakage and lack of lubrication. At the same time, the product will optimize energy consumption and reduce weight. 

So, NTN-SNR is ready to serve compatible ball bearings for all types of industries. Just send the request and let the expert team knows what you need. In the end, the companies can run their production because they found the best ball-bearings.     

Why Should You Add Almond Leaves for Aquarium?

An aquarium can be a fun hobby you can try. However, you also need to understand that you will deal with living creatures here, which are the fishes. So, make sure you make the aquarium a place where the fish can live comfortably. One of a common or we can even say it is a popular addition for aquarium is the Indian almond leaves. Almond leaves for aquarium water is a practically standard decoration for a certain type of aquarium. But, what can these leaves do?

Indian almond Leaves

Indian almond leaves are the leaves of Terminalia catappa tree. Therefore, it’s also well-known as the catappa leaves. To use the leaves, you need to dry it out before putting it into your aquarium. Therefore, many people pick the fallen leaves around the tree to make it easier to dry. 

The Benefits of Indian almond Leaves

Now, let’s move to the most important question. Why do we use Indian almond leaves? We use it because it has many benefits for our aquarium. First of all, Indian almond leaves improve the quality of the water in your aquarium. This leaves release tannic acid, tannins, and other important substances when you put it in the aquarium water. These substances lower the pH level of the water, which is creating a perfect environment for fish to live.

It said that Indian almond leaves also can act as the remedy for many types of fish skin problems. It is even better than using the antibiotic or chemical product to treat your fish’s skin problem. This leaves offers the natural solution which is safer than those chemical products.

So, if you want to get an aquarium and fish, do not forget to use Indian almond leaves. With so many benefits of almond leaves, you can create an aquarium where your fish can live happily.