Claims Management Solutions for Insurance

Using the right claims management systems will allow you to save dramatically on claims submissions. For instance, manual claims would cost around 74 cents. Meanwhile, electronic claims only cost you 26 cents. That small thing gives a tremendous impact on saving.

Digitizing the relationship of the provider and payer, on the other hand, would bring a lot more benefits for both the provider and the payer. The benefits include better customer experience and faster intervention. It also promotes better management when it comes to fraudulent claims while increasing the insurer’s purchasing power.

Thus, Cegedim released a claim solution named Actisure Claims. This solution is designed to reduce costs and boost productivity all the same time. It can be touted that Actisure Claim is one of the most sophisticated engines for insurance claims available in the industry. Everything can be done automatically.

Cost reduction is promoted in various ways. Since intervention and fraud management come earlier, the tariff management is reduced dramatically. Relationships between providers and payers also become sustainable – all stakeholders in the value chain can use the service.

As has been mentioned earlier, the claims solution improves fraud management. Several adjudication processes are ruled automatically. Thus, the claims assessors could concentrate more on reviewing the claims. While the claims are being taken care of automatically, stakeholders can allocate their efforts to other claims with a higher value.

The Actisure Claims also offers a lot of benefits on one single-screen view. The process also utilizes a real-time calculation so you know every detail. Other than that, the app handles various sources. Supporting your business is not an issue anymore.

Insurers now can define various standards within an instance. Transformation and mapping services can be linked easily while the claims can be done without dealing with the hassle. For further information, check out the claims management systems.